Computed Copy

There is a web service which makes 3D models using the pictures taken from various angles. The aim of making “Captured Desire” is printing full colored 3D model by collecting similar uploaded images on the internet instead of taking pictures by ourselves. The more attention the subjects gather, the more images are uploaded on the internet with the result of higher resolution of the 3D models.
These days, a lot of 3D cameras and softwares are developed, and we expect that everything in the world will be 3D modeled with high resolution in the near future. The method of our work is kind of cloud-sourcing and suggests a new way of 3D modeling at the moment in which the 3D system is not fully grown. Therefore, our printed 3D models are distorted and don’t have the back side. But we can say that this is a sampling of the present moment of technology which progresses rapidly. Our models will also express the desires of the people living in the present day by showing the amount of popular images and the number of access counts.

「Captured Desire」は対象物を復数のアングルから撮影し、サイトに画像をアップロードすることで3Dモデルを作成するウェブサービスを使って、自ら撮影を行うことなく、インターネットに無数にアップロードされている類似画像を採取し、それらを用いて3次元形態を生成し、フルカラー3Dプリンタによって出力する。

by (Nukeme, So KANNO, yang02)


2014 Materializing 2 (The University Musium, Tokyo University of the Arts) 


Selected Works

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Glitch Knithacking / knitting

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Technophone Kitgadget / workshop

Computed Copyclothing

Captured DesireSculpture

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