Lasermice dyad

Lasermice dyad is an updated version of Lasermice. In addition to the green laser, a red laser, a solenoid that taps on the floor and a vibrating motor that rings a bell are additionally implemented, allowing the robot to detect the different colors of laser light. Each robot has two states, red and green, and when the red laser is detected, it too becomes red, and when the green laser is detected, it becomes green. Within the group, these two states interact with each other and change dynamically. Green and the sound of a blow are linked to each other, and red and the sound of a bell are linked to each other, allowing us to perceive the transition between the two states audiovisually. dyad means two or a pair.

These two states, which affect each other and change dynamically, remind us of the bipolar state change in human gregarious behavior, the spread of riots, and the infection of virus.

Since premier event of Lasermice dyad, Collaboration projects started, which use the robots as collaboration platform.


Lasermice dyadはLasermiceのアップデートバージョンであり、緑レーザーに加え赤レーザーが、床を叩くソレノイドに加え鈴を鳴らす振動モータが追加実装され、ロボットはレーザー光の色の違いを検出できる。各ロボットは赤と緑の二つの状態を持ち、赤レーザーが検出されると自分も赤に、緑が検出されると緑になる。群内で、この二つの状態が互いに影響しあいダイナミックに変化する。緑色と打撃音が、赤色と鈴の音がリンクしていて、視聴覚的に二つの状態の変遷を知覚できる。dyadは2や対を意味する。



2021 Swarms, Robots and Postnature (Art Laboratory Berlin, Berlin)

2020 Lasermice dyad ensembles (CASE-B, Tokyo)


2020 Lasermice dyad ensembles (CASE-B, Tokyo)



2020 Lasermice workshop 1st  (remote locations, Japan)
2020 Lasermice workshop 2nd (remote locations, Japan)



Kuniyuki Takahashi (DJ / Music producer / Sound engineer)
OLAibi (Musician / Composer)
Arina Tsukada (Curator / Editor, Whole Universe)
Asato Sakamoto(Producer / Videographer, Whole Universe)
mu h (Composer / DJ)  
Yuji Onoda (Architect / 設営愚連隊)
Ties van Asseldonk (Internship)
Ibuki Ozawa (Child psychiatrist, PIECES)

Selected Works

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Kazokutchia-life NFT robot

Lasermice ensemblesperformance



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