Lasermice workshop

A two-part remote workshop for children. The event was held in Tokyo under the declaration of emergency for coronavirus. It was organised by a certified NPO corporation PIECES, who is represented by Ibuki Ozawa, a child psychiatrist. In the first part, participating families are connected via Zoom, all they got robots in advance. They will make their original furs, give their names, think about their personalities, and present them. Lasermice became the alter ego of them, are sent back. And in the second part, the children watch a video streaming that robots return to the flock. They watched the live performance as if they were watching their kids' school play.

Initially, Lasermice was created as a swarm, and individuals were not intentionally recognized beyond numbers for convenience. However, through the workshops they got names and characters. When they play a rhythm in a group, I inevitably remind kids from robots, which makes double-layered experience.




Arina Tsukada (Whole Universe)

Asato Sakamoto (Whole Universe)

Ibuki Ozawa (NPO Pieces) 


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Selected Works

Lasermice dyadinstallation

Kazokutchia-life NFT robot

Lasermice ensemblesperformance



Yarn Recorderexperimental device


Asemic LanguagesInstallation

Glitch Knithacking / knitting

Jamming Geargadget

Objets of soundinstallation

Technophone Kitgadget / workshop

Computed Copyclothing

Captured DesireSculpture

turntable sequencerInstallation

slit movie sequencerInstallation

bells in the waterInstallation